In this edition of the Warhammer Online Herald, the staff of WAR talks about the latest Keep Upgrade and invites players to get on the public test server to come check out the changes! If you are interested in this upgrade or maybe just want to hang and test with the big boys, then read on for more details!

Kill to Keep, Keep to Claim, Claim to Kill!

Man-o-man do we have a night of epic proportions planned for you this evening on PTS! Join us for a battle royale (with cheese!) as you sink your teeth into a quarter pound of delicious RvR action topped with the brand new Keep Upgrade and Ordinance systems. Get more guards, build a Divine Altar to smite your foes with righteous fervor, or obliterate the pitiful defenses of your enemies with a tricked out ram and trip his feet with fancy caltrops (what are caltrops?!?!)

We held the pickles, held the lettuce, heck we even took out the experimental stat changes. This will be nothing but bare bones brutality as you turn your enemies into ground, flame broiled, meat patties! But if that hasn't gotten your appetite stirring yet then maybe the RvR Quartermaster system will. Collect medallions for your hard work out on the battlefield and earn rewards for your efforts or purchase RvR-only potions that do the body good.

Please Note: The costs and time requirements for the Keep Upgrade and Ordinance systems have been lowered for testing purposes. They will be set to a higher rate when the features go live.

The party starts tonight, 4/7/09, at 8:00PM EDT on the Public Test Server in Tier 4. Keep an eye out for broadcasts on how to join up premade guilds and where to go to enter the fray once you get online. Don't know how to access the PTS or copy your character over? Read below!

How To Access the PTS

To access the Public Test Server, locate the test patcher: testpatch.exe in your main Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning directory. This file will be automatically downloaded when the Public Test Server is opened.

Simply run the testpatch.exe file to start the patcher. Just like the live game, it will download everything automatically, just click play and you're good to go!

Character Copies

Creating a copy of your Live character to play on the Public Test Server is easy, too. Visit your Mythic Account Center, login, and click on the Character Transfer Button above your Game Account profiles. Then, follow the instructions to the Character Transfer Center. Once you are in the Character Transfer Center you will see three options at the bottom. Select "character copy" and then fill in the information on the next page to choose the character you wish to copy.

Once you have confirmed the copy you can view the status of the transfer as it is processed. Please note that you may be required to change the name of your character to avoid naming conflicts. If for any reason there is an error with your transfer, you can click on the "More Details" option to find out why the Character Copy was unsuccessful.

This is your chance to test 1.2.1 to the bone and provide us with your feedback in a large scale battle. Test the changes to AOE's, tear the new RvR systems apart and tell us what you think. Together we'll make WAR even better - and have fun doing it!

So get hungry, be starrrrved. There's an appetite for destruction on both sides and only one can walk away the winner. Who will it be?...WAAAGH!!!

See you on the battlefield,
The Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning Team

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016