Warhammer Online is easily one of the top PvP MMOGs currently on the market but it does lack some elements that many other games have, one being traditional dragon raids. That could be a thing of the past though as this week's Grab Bag tells us that raids could be making their way in game eventually.

Q. Are there any plans to allow warband raids of mobs, like the dragon raids we enjoyed in DAoC? I find that a six-man group prevents the team-building that was possible with an eight-man or multiple-group raid.

A. Yes, we are going to continue making content for large and small groups alike. We have some great ideas we’re tossing around right now, and would love to see something to the level of a dragon raid find its way into WAR in some capacity.

The Mythic folks also answer plenty of other burning questions from the community so you'll really want to give it a read. Check it out at the official Warhammer Online website!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016