Warhammer Online has another great live event in the works and players will finally get the chance to enjoy it later this month. Running August 31 through September 7, The Wild Hunt features new quests, new rewards, and a exclusive dungeon to challenge brave groups of all ranks.

The Wild Hunt opens up a completely new instanced dungeon called the Hunter's Vale, where the Spirit of Kurnous waits to challenge would-be "master hunters" to the hunt of their lives! Accessed from the Elf RvR areas, this new zone is only available for the duration of The Wild Hunt Live Event, to six-player groups of all Ranks. And inside its twisting maze of forest paths, amid countless dangers borne of fang and claw and nature itself, players can accomplish Wild Hunt tasks and earn great rewards, such as the Fleet Stag Mantle—a sacred cloak that temporarily transforms he or she who wears it into a mighty stag and grants them the ability to travel at the same speed as a mount!

Visit this link to read more about The Wild Hunt live event and be sure to get in game to check it out for the short time it is here!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016