Continuing a tradition of connecting with the roots of their fans, Mythic Enterainment will attend this years NY Comic Con. With a booth and two of their most charismatic team members at panels, it'll be surprising if they don't steal part of the show.

Saturday, Feb. 7th

11:15AM - WAR Presentation with Jeff and Paul (Rm 1A08)
2:30PM - Poster Signing
5:30PM - MMO Round Table (Rm 1A24)
9:00PM - Dev Meet and Greet @ Dave & Busters Times Square

Sunday, Feb. 8th

12:00PM - RvR Competition

There are the important dates but you can find more information over at the Warherald.

These folks will actually be on a Ten Ton Hammer sponsored panel, along with some other big names. To see our entire schedule head right here!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016