Pets have been a popular theme for MMOGs of late and Warhammer Online isn't about to be left out. In a recent update to the Warhammer Herald, the team outlined planned changes for the Engineer and Magus pets to help reinforce their roles and benefit their masters in a more synergistic way. The two classes will be receiving some nice enhancements to their pets by allowing their stats to increase the pet's damage. But one of the bigger benefits is that the Engineer and Magus will also receive a damage enhancement buff by remaining close to their pets. The buff begins at 4% and over time can increase up to 20% so long as the Magus and Engineer remain close to the pet.

For both careers, the character will begin receiving a new effect while they remain near their turret / daemon - Improvised Upgrades for the Engineer, and Unholy Empowerment for the Magus.  This effect will start as a +4% damage buff, and will increase every 2 seconds by another 4%, up to a max of +20% damage after 10 seconds.  If the character moves away from their turret / daemon, the effect will begin dropping back down, eventually fading from them entirely until they return to their turret / daemon's side.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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