It is official, WAR is being reviewed everywhere.

With the release of our own Cody "Micajah" Bye's Warhammer Online First Impressions, the floodgates of video and print reviews have come spilling out. First there are the video clips. One review offers up a five out of five from G4 TV and then there is the always sun-glassed crew of Mythic being interviewed by MSNBC.

Not to be left out, the interwebs are coming alive with great reviews from gamer sites
Gamespy (5 stars) as well as print media such as local newspapers like The Ledger (local Florida newspaper) as well as high society print media giants like Variety.

It's not all champagne and strawberries though. There is the sixth week play log from Ars Technica's Opposable Thumbs that takes exception to the crafting system. Honeymoons are not without their own downers, and today it's brought by TechRadar with a "Why Warhammer will fail" story. TR does give the nod to WAR as short-term fun but says it has no real staying power.

This is a lot of buzz for the game and buzz is good. Heck bad buzz is good buzz, it's all good. It's interesting to see more positive than negative. Are we in the honeymoon period? Will these reviews turn negative soon? This isn't a pro/anti WAR question, it's more about the fact that the media outlets tend to come out of the shoot with great impressions and all is well, only to turn on them and bring venom later. Will that happen with WAR?

My argument would be that a couple of the reviews above are nowhere near deep enough to make the claims of "best evah!" or "Never gonna make it" (positive and negative). Do all (or almost all) games get a honeymoon like this? Let me know in our forums.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016