August 1, 2006

It's another weekly forum roundup from Eldorudo, highlighting helpful
or interesting threads from the official forums at

Weekly Forum Roundup

  • href="">Got Tips?
    DDO has grown and changed considerably since launch and we think it's
    time to add new tips (tips are the helpful pieces of information that
    appear on the loading screens). Who better to tell us what players
    would find helpful than you?
  • Sir Lawrence d'Deneith returns with his next round of events!
    Join him
    as he tests your knowledge, and you attempt to win great prizes! target="_blank" href="">In-Game
    Trivia Event, August 4th & 5th
  • Read Sir Lawrence's Post Mortem, see images and see the target="_blank"
    of the First DDO In-Game Trivia Event
  • Take a peek at the href="">Weekly
    Development Activities (July 24 2006) for a glimpse of upcoming
    additions and fixes to DDO.
  • Ron has once again provided a great service to the community of
    DDO with the href="">DDO Character
    Planner - Now Available!
  • mattllow has returned with another contest for the DDO
    Community. Check out his href="">August Contest
    With Amazing Prizes!
  • Congratulate
    WildCard_ (Entry 5) for winning the Player Screenshot Poll this week.
    See the winning screenshot along with the other entries target="_blank" href="">here.
    Also be sure to take a look at href="">this weeks screenshots
    and href="">place your vote

If you come across a particularly helpful thread that you feel
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