September 19, 2006

It's another weekly forum roundup from Eldorudo, highlighting helpful
or interesting threads from the official forums at

Weekly Forum Roundup

  • Viglin has created and maintained href="">The
    Freelancers Guidebook [Solo Play] If you are looking for some
    pointers or tips for solo play, visit this thread. Feel free to add
    your own tips as well.
  • Stealthy&Wealthy kicked off a fun thread entitled target="_blank" href="">Chain
    Story: For our Amusement Add your own flavor to this already
    bizarre and interesting story.
  • Not sure where to turn in those collectibles? Steiner-Davion
    presents us with href="">The Definitive
    Collectibles List.
  • The stream of information for Module 3: The Demon Sands has
    begun. Ranged fighters rejoice! href="">In Testing:
    Upcoming Combat Changes - Ranged Combat.
  • We
    continue to highlight some of the great events our imaginative
    community concocts. Thelanis is home to another event. Be sure to check
    out the href="">Server-Wide RP
    Scavenger Hunt!
  • This thread comes from Xiorn by way of the Dungeons &
    Dragons - Pencil and Paper forum: href="">Stupidest
    thing you have seen done in a game. This thread has been around
    quite a while, but stupid moves in PnP are timeless and always amusing.
  • The hot button topic this week was without a doubt the target="_blank" href="">The
    1750 Favor Bonus
    discussion. Solik started this particular thread, we listened to your
    discussion and we added to the favor bonus. Weigh in with your thoughts
    on this discussion.

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