For this weeks interview I sat down and chatted with Bind, who is the guild master of Visions of Anarchy on the Dragonblight server. Visions of Anarchy is a large and successful Horde raiding guild.

The Dragonblight server was one of the first new servers added by Blizzard a few months after the initial release of WoW. I happened across it a few days after creation while looking for a a server to try out a Horde character on and to start a new healer. Upon joining the server I met several players and became friends with them, and then joined a guild called Distorted Visions. Shortly after, Distorted Visions merged with another guild and became Visions of Anarchy. While initially I played my Priest as an alt there (and took forever to reach 60), I was always welcomed by guild members and felt right at home no matter how long I had been way. Now that I mainly play my undead Priest Mallaria on Dragonblight, I always feel welcome, and the guild itself appears to function smoother than any other guild that I have been in. This being the case, I decided to chat to Bind about WoW and guilds to see what kind of person it took to run a successful guild.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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