I look forward to all of the Beastie Boys parodies that hopefully come with WildStar's next content drop, Sabotage. I imagine the song in question to be used in various forms on YouTube for stream recaps. Internet, don't let me down (but let's go easy with the chiptunes remixes, maybe).

Today's DevSpeak introduces the first teaser we get for Sabotage, which is Daggerstone Pass. A 15v15 PvP zone available for players beginning at level 30, Daggerstone Pass is not simply about playing capture the flag, but trickery will take a large part of the strategy to win the game. This coupled with what Lewis wrote about yesterday bringing more mobility to Espers make this my currently most anticipated patch. So far, I have split my leveling in WildStar about 50/50 between PvP matches and questing. Healing in this game is super fun, and I've enjoyed having the option to do just that while leveling. A new arena to duke it out in makes me immensely happy.

With The Strain, we saw a theme that was carried out into most aspects of the game, save PvP. We got new costumes, new housing decor, new PvE content, and even a gross and silly emote. In the DevSpeak video, the announcer gives us a few tips for gameplay that lives up to the Ultradrop's name, Sabotage, along with some creepy whispering on his part. So, what do you think we'll see that's "Sabotage" based? It looks like mounts will be part of the gameplay in Daggerstone Pass, so there might be a new mount to come with the drop.

Use bombs to blow up distracted enemies, get bonus damage if you blow up the bombs near the enemy’s base core; the fun is explosive! Everything you blow up adds points to your team’s total, and the team with the most points when the timer hits zero will be declared the winner. Or blow up the enemy fusion core and win immediately, if that’s your thing.

Their presser includes “PvE players, the next drop is for you!” which makes me wonder exactly what they're hinting at. The Strain was pretty PvE focused, although I'd say it also catered to people like me who spend a lot of time puttering around and not necessarily killing things. Until the last line of the press release, I was assuming that Sabotage would be a lot like The Stain, but we get a new PvP fun times instead of an adventuring zone. Looks like I could be completely off here.

On the other hand, if I were Carbine, I'd throw in little innocuous bits like that just to keep the mes of the world wondering exactly what I am, right at this very moment. It's too early to tell what Sabotage will have for us, since Carbine prefers to tease out info in a steady trickle rather than just open the floodgates. My guess: next week we'll get another tidbit to go on, but it'll be the week after that when we start seeing enough teases for the drop to get a good scope of what a PvP update looks like in Carbine's eyes. Also, looks like I have some leveling to do. See you in game!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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