White Wolf’s Grand Masquerade event for World of Darkness (WoD) took place over the weekend and new details about CCP’s upcoming MMOG adaptation of the popular pen & paper game have emerged. WoD is still under development and any new details are subject to change before its official launch, but following this weekend’s Grand Masquerade event in New Orleans, we have a little more of an idea of what CCP is shooting for with the upcoming MMOG.

Massively recently received a news tip about some newly posted details on World of Darkness News from the event on the White Wolf forums which indicates that players will begin the game as a mortal, but as time goes on, they’ll have the option to become a part of vampire clan. The information also indicates that the devs will add a Torpor system, which will explain why players don’t die and are just out for a bit. But the post also indicated that there will be a chance for players to experience “final death” or “perma-death”, so choosing your fights wisely may be advisable.

Like CCP’s other title, EVE Online, the game will take place in a single server universe and involve a lot of player politics. The game takes place in a permanent night setting and is aimed at an older crowd given that the content will contain both graphic violence and nudity.

There will be plenty of PvP dealings in the game but to help regulate things a bit, players will have something called Humanity, which will decrease as they attack other players. If a player's Humanity drops below a certain point, other players can attack you and possibly not be penalized for taking the action. Some fans have drawn comparisons between the Humanity system and that of EVE's Security Status.

Thanks to devonbirkeneau for the informative post.


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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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