Can't get no satisfaction.

I never ever thought I'd read an article that would even hint at the possibility of a game (ok not any old game, it is World of Warcraft afterall) being bigger than the Rolling Stones. Well the article at the Telegraph UK doesn't exactly say that, but reading through the numbers definitely leads this guy to believe a four year old video game is nipping at the heals (or propping them up in this case) of some guys who can't even remember their forties. From the article:

"Rising income from video games has offset declining music sales at entertainment group Vivendi in the second quarter, allowing it to cancel a rights issue.
The owner of Universal Music Group, whose artists include Amy Winehouse and The Rolling Stones, reported a 5.3pc drop in sales at the record label, under pressure from the declining popularity of CDs and rising online piracy."


"The formation of Activision Blizzard will bring together Vivendi's online role-playing game World of Warcraft and its partner Activision's best-selling Guitar Hero game. Vivendi has a 54pc stake in the new company, as it continues to add to World of Warcraft's 11m subscription base."

Ten million, eleven million, whatever, I guess it is easier just round at that point. That's the first time I think I've read that subscriber level is eleven and climbing, I knew it was close. The other interesting tidbit in there is how badly piracy is killing the record sales (not shocking but interesting). Talk about an industry failing to change with the times, music dug its heals in hoping to fight pirates tete-a-tete and instead lost their backsides. I've been saying this forever, online games love pirates (and ninjas for that matter) because box sales are one thing, but that monthly subscription is where the real money lives and pirates don't like "log-in" games they can't steal and sell so easily.

"Rising income from video games has offset declining music sales" those are some words I didn't expect to read anytime soon. For the rest of the article, hop the pond to read's article;" Video games boost for Vivendi as piracy kills the radio stars".

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016