Which marketing genius decided that was a good title?

The Intel Extreme Masters Global Challenge (IEMGC?) is about as strange of a title as I've seen in quite some time. What it lacks in ease-of-use, it appears to make up in fun and excitement. The IEMGC will hold it's Master Session III at the Entertainment for All (E for All) Expo in Los Angeles, California, on October 3-5, 2008. Billed as hosting the top eSports teams in Counter-Strike (some kind of puzzle game I think) and of course World of Warcraft, the winners will claw their way to a piece of the US$750,000 prize money.

The winners of this round will move on the compete in the Continental Finals that will culminate in the Intel Extreme Masters Global Finals at CeBit 2009. According to Jens Hilgers, CEO of Turtle Entertainment (company in charge of the league):

"The Intel Extreme Masters opens a new chapter in the global eSports industry. The best teams and players compete in leagues of champions and are presented at nine tournaments around the globe allowing fans to experience the live action of eSports tournament. E for All is the perfect location to present this exciting eSports action."

Read more about the tournament and the upcoming E for All at Marketwatch (a subsidiary of the Wall Street Journal), yes the gaming industry is taking Wall Street by storm.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016