Last year a new service popped up that let all of us World of Warcraft fanatics create a figure of our very own character. The service is not exactly cheap, but far less than most expected for a custom figure. However, there were issues with long wait times. It seems that the demand has been steady and allowed the company to expand, and you can now get your own figure created without a long wait. Check it all out below.

FigurePrints, which lets you order custom 3D figures of World of Warcraft characters, complete with gear and a choice of poses, has grown immensely since their launch in 2007 to meet the high demand for their collectible statues. Because of the increased production capacity now available, the lottery/waiting list system is no longer necessary, and you can place an order immediately. For more information or to order your own personal FigurePrint, visit the FigurePrints website at

My only question after looking over the site, is "Why would anyone get a Gnome made? They are bad enough in game, never mind having one on your desk!".

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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