Have you ever joined a World of Warcraft guild and felt like none of the members were anything like you? Did your personality just not mesh with anyone else? If you've ever felt like this, MyGameMug may have the solution for you. Rather than hoping you selected the right member for your guild or that you picked an appropriate guild to be in, the WoW Headhunter uses personality traits and in-game goals to match appropriate candidates and their guilds.

I know I've personally been in my fair share of guilds that didn't want a person of my mindset, and the same can be said for those guilds. Perhaps the WoW Headhunter would have helped me pick an appropriate guild the first time.

Here's the official release:

MyGameMug™, an online service that helps gamers find fun players to play with, today launched its WoW Headhunter™ service to all World of Warcraft gamers. WoW Headhunter streamlines the guild recruiting process by analyzing guilds and players across ten personality dimensions and feeding highly-qualified candidates to guild leaders based on the match of their in-game goals and personalities.

WoW Headhunter is the first guild recruitment service that uses a scientific yet “human” approach for guild recruitment. MyGameMug built WoW Headhunter to help guild leaders recruit based on a candidate’s personality fit with existing guild members and not just on gaming credentials.

“We see skillful candidates all the time, but if they don’t have chemistry with our guild, it’s useless to recruit them,” explains Matthew Low, known as Matticus, a guild leader and columnist for WoW Insider. “WoW Headhunter will be an incredible recruiting asset to GMs of any guild, whether large, small, casual, hardcore, raiding, PvP, or anything in between.”

By analyzing personality and cultural fit in advance, WoW Headhunter also significantly reduces the time required for the guild recruitment process. “Our typical recruitment process takes 3 to 6 weeks per candidate, and with a service like this available, we can recruit more qualified candidates in a shorter period of time,” explains Paul Lovato, the leader of Insomnia, a top guild in the United States. “Also, I’ll now spend less time filling vacancies as our new members stick with us longer.”

MyGameMug was founded by Ray Lau and Erik Yao, avid gamers themselves, who started the company with the hope of eliminating the frustration they experienced over incompatible players in their favorite games. MyGameMug designed WoW Headhunter to complement existing World of Warcraft sites and processes that guild leaders and candidates already use.

According to Ray Lau, MyGameMug’s CEO, “Managing a WoW guild is very similar to managing a company or sports team, and joining a guild can be an equally important step. If you want to have a good experience, there has to be a personality and cultural fit. WoW Headhunter quickly and simply makes sure this is the case for everyone involved.”

Guild leaders can register their guild for WoW Headhunter and start recruiting in just minutes by going to http://wowheadhunter.com and taking a short gamer personality test. WoW players looking to join a guild can do the same and begin applying to compatible guilds. WoW Headhunter is currently a free service for guild leaders and candidates alike.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016