The end is truly nigh with less than twenty four hours until the World of Warcraft is utterly destroyed …. Boubouille over at MMO Champion has posted the patch notes which confirms patch 4.0.3a will indeed drop this week, changing Azeroth as we know it forever.

This includes new 1-60 leveling experiences, new class combos, overhauled zones, new starting areas for trolls and gnomes and other fancy stuff like the new login screen and access to the awesome cinematic. Yes, the Cataclysm has begun!

Do remember though, that portals are also being removed from Shattrath and Dalaran so I’d suggest the last thing you do tonight is portal to Azeroth and set your hearthstone to an inn in a capital city, then go and stand somewhere you know is going to be destroyed. I’m actually considering parking my druid in The Park by the trainer and seeing what happens. Though Blizzard will probably move anyone who does that to a safer spot to save on those repair bills.

Also remember that The Shattering heralds Deathwing’s return and the chance to get a Feat of Strength called Stood in the Fire. Come on, you know you want it, you just have to wait for Deathwing to fly over and kill you. It’s also worth reiterating that you won’t be able to fly around Azeroth, roll a Worgen/Goblin or learn Archeology yet. That come with Cataclysm’s launch on December 7th but, for now, there should be plenty for everyone to do. See you in the aftermath!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016