It’s looking even more likely that next Tuesday will mark the Shattering, the arrival of World of Warcraft patch 4.0.3a and the destruction of Azeroth as we know it, thanks to a post on by Zahrym on the community site.

The topic up for discussion is how Azeroth will change with Deathwing’s arrival and how this will, specifically, affect the Loremaster achievement. Basically, when the Shattering happens (and I’m 99.999% certain it will be this week) any quests you completed in the old world that have been removed, will see your achievement tracker drop so if you’re just a few quests away from the achievement stop reading this and get online now!

If you already have Loremaster, you can relax and enjoy the ride as Zahrym is sure to note the achievement won’t be affected and you will remain a Loremaster even after Deathwing starts destroying Azeroth. Phew!

Even better, it appears the achievement is being altered slightly for those of us who don’t yet have it and are a long way from getting it done. Yes, folks like me who were doing the Argent Crusade dailies. Zahrym explains that they are being made easier to track by having players complete a set number per zone, in a similar manner to the way TBC and Wrath Loremaster achievements were earned. We suggest you check out the full post and see how the changes in Azeroth will affect you, otherwise get those last quests done before things go to hell!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016