The Finals are set for two as x6tence (Euro) and fnatic (North America) take regions.

In World of Warcraft's drive to make an eSport out of the MMO, this weekend we saw the finals of both the North American and European Regionals. The North American bracket winner fnatic had a bit of an easier go of it as they only dropped two games (all matches are best of five) to the Mob G.Family team. For a little more in-depth coverage of that game check in with GotFrag's coverage where you can learn a little more of the strategy such as Mob G. Family's use of a Shadowplay composition (which is typically a Restoration Shaman, Shadow Priest, and Unstable Affliction Warlock):

"The strongest card the Shadowplay composition has is pressure. Its ability to divide damage via dots coupled with the quick burst of Mind Blast+Shadow Word Death + Shadow burn allows for quick target switches during health dips. This multiple angles of damage works as both offense and defense, limiting the globals the druid (or other healer, if there is such a thing anymore) has, to do other things, such as cyclone the shaman. This setup is very fragile in long mana wars if the priest is unable to get off any drinks. The hardest counters are double healer with a sub rogue, and a good double healer hunter."

The European winner x6tence had a little tougher course as they had to outlast Nihilum Plasma in two final rounds. Nihilum Plasma had come out of the lower bracket and had to beat Nihilum twice to win the final bracket and they were successful in the first best of five round (3-1) but then x6tence came back in the next match to take the round and the regional with a 3-2 victory.

While not a huge draw yet in the United States, eSports appear to gaining popularity in Europe and Asia. Will they ever be big here? "Ever" is a long time, but it may take that long to drum up real support. Do you follow any of these tournaments, and log in to watch the video? I enjoy watching them, but they are so fast that it is difficult for me to keep pace. What is your interest level in this type of eSport, let's discuss in the forums.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016