Hunter pet charming is one of those abilities that has real potential for a wide variety of utility, or just fun. A lot of people feel like that potential is currently unrealized in the current dynamic where the selection of actual viable pets is very limited, and in raiding is basically completely limited to just wolves.

Blizzard is reaching out to the community to ask for ideas on how to spice things up:

Nethaera (Link)

We’re looking to get some feedback on the types of pets that hunters would like to be able to tame and the types of abilities that might be interesting for those pets to have. Is there a type of creature in the game now that you would like to be able to tame or an ability that you’ve always thought should be added? Here’s your chance to share a bit more about what you think could be great additions for the hunter class.

I don't personally play a hunter, but off the top of my head I can think of a ton of stuff that could be added to hunter pets to make them more interesting.

The first thing that comes to mind is the glaring disparity between the utility of hunter pets and warlock pets. Now, one could argue that warlocks are much more reliant on their pets and that they are entitled to have more powerful pet abilities. I think many hunter players would disagree with that, and some might be willing to even part with some of the power of the hunter itself if it meant having more interesting pet abilities.

The succubus pet is going to be getting an area of effect knockback, the felhunter already has the incredibly powerful devour magic and spell lock abilities, voidwalker offers tankability and personal defenses, and imp offers some decent raid buffs and damage. One of the posts in the suggestion thread said that Blizzard could give rhino pets the ability to knock the target back. Stuff like that could give the hunter class some additional flavor and could make it feel like more of a pet class than a ranged dps with a 1000dps sidekick.

Head by the thread here and add your voice to the conversation.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016