Today I ventured into the Battlegrounds on my Druid using Blizzard's new 'Random Battleground Finder.' The UI is very similar to the UI for the Random Dungeon Finder listing the additional rewards obtained by queueing randomly and allowing you to do so as an individual or as a group.


The queues on Vindication, my particular battlegroup, haven't really been affected by the implementation of the random system which surprised me somewhat. I had been expecting much shorter queues since players would now be streamlined into games against each other rather than queueing for particular battlegrounds. Queues averaged around 6 minutes, which is the norm for whatever the 'daily' battleground used to be before the new system.


The drastic difference was the honor earned. For a win in Eye of the Storm as my random daily battleground I was awarded slightly over 6,000 honor, a huge increase from the old 1,400 that you could eke out in a really action packed win. This was factoring in the additional 3,700 honor now awarded with a win to the bonus honor earned from player kills (in this case boosting ~1,400 honor to more like 2,300). Requeueing would yield an additional 1, 862 honor per win and 621 per loss if done under the random system.


This will have a marked achievement on the experience of new players that are trying to grind honor in order to get arena off-set pieces or trinkets. This process should now be much quicker and much less painless. All in all after spending a few hours using the new BG finder, I think that it is a vast improvement over the old system -- it reduces the honor grind which was frankly excessive, and does away with the cumbersome marks of honor which can now be turned in for 185 honor a piece 10 at a time in a process painful of itself.


Players frustrated by low honor gains and slow queues should give the new system another chance, it really is a significant improvement.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016