The US first kill of Halion (Heroic) happened last night on the Sen'jin realm with the culprits being the always skilled Premonition guild. They took down the boss of the Ruby Sanctum mere hours after the instance became available for play.

Both 10 and 25 player versions were quickly conquered on heroic difficulty as players quickly realized that the release version of the Ruby Sanctum was significantly less demanding than the version that had been tested on the PTR.

While this fight is far from a cake walk, it is closer to the difficulty of some of the mid level Icecrown Citadel bosses without the help of the zone wide buff. This won't be the Lich King Part 2 that some players were hoping for and others were dreading.

Here's a video of Premonitions World First kill on 10 player difficulty. As you can see, the fight can be quite quick (however, due to the mechanics you only see about half of what's going on!). Take a look:

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016