The rant I wrote the other day about Blizzard not properly teaching players how to group and interact in WoW (basically how to socialize) touched a few cords with people. I started to type up my response and as usual it started to get rather long. So, rather than respond in that thread, I decided to expand in a whole new post to clarify and further explain my view of things, and to offer yet another place for you to disagree with me! Careful though, remember I have an in with “the man”.

Ok, before I get into specifics, let me clarify something. I was in no way saying that Blizzard is responsible for how people behave, if they group or how they do in groups. Sorry if that wasn’t clear in my initial post, I thought it was, but by some of the comments, maybe it wasn’t.

What I do hold Blizzard responsible for is teaching players that in an MMO you should group, you should be social, what a good group is, why certain groups work or don’t, how to use all the options, how to chat and find groups, etc, etc, etc.

Check out the whole rant here:

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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