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World of Warcraft is taking preorders on its newest and most epic items in their merchandising lineup. Beer Steins! That's right, WoW has three different Beer Steins ranging from
Alliance United, Blood of the Horde, and the new Rise of the Lich King. Now you can play WoW and go into a drunken stupor in style. The Blood of the Horde and Alliance United Steins were exclusively illustrated by Samwise Didier and Glenn Rane while the Rise of the Lich King features art by Alex Horley.

Handcrafted in the old world style with fine-grain stoneware by world renowned stein artisans of Ceramarte, our limited production steins feature bas-relief sculpting of exclusive artwork by top World of Warcraft visionaries. Each exquisite stein is over 10" tall, weighs a hefty 3 Lbs., and is topped with a sculpted pewter lid.

  • Preorder your Stein here and get drunk in true gamer style.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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