Don't bank them for a rainy day, Blizzard to reset all those hard earned points.

In a forum post today, Eyonix (Blizzard Blue) has confirmed that World of Warcraft honor points will be reset when Wrath of the Lich King ships. According to the post, this is to prevent unfair stockpiling. Eyonix explains why:

"We do this to ensure select players do not have an unfair advantage at level 80 from stockpiling honor to instantly purchase the newest Wrath of the Lich King PvP rewards. For those with unspent honor points prior to the release of the expansion, we will be offering a few upgrades and special rewards in next content patch solely for purchase via the honor system. "

Does this get your dander up or is it a sigh of relief? From my perspective, Blizzard has dealt fairly with these kinds of issues in the past and when they discuss providing special rewards for those stuck holding a bag of honor points, I'm sure those will be fun and useful. If you are fired up, feel free to head to the official forums, but I warn you of great peril to your IQ and sanity. If you do not heed my warning, head over to the official WoW Forum. While I think they will handle this with typical Blizzard aplomb, are there other items like this that you see causing some concern before the expansion? We already know that Arena points will reset at level 71, so I can't think of others. Should they do the same with Heroic Badges? Let's discuss in our much more sane and higher level of thinking forums.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016