• Be the Battlemaster...

    NetDevil is offering a sneak preview of powerful endgame items set to enter the game with Live Update 2:

    Battlemaster Skull Blades – This melee weapon has three titanium blades attached to a spiked skull with glowing red eyes. It also has powerful bonuses that make it one of the best melee weapons in Ground Zero.

    See the Live Update 2 Battlemaster items at the Auto Assault official site.

    Thu, Aug 10, 2006
  • Contests and characters come to the same end...

    Thanks to the many folks who participated in our "Dead of Summer" screenshot contest! We're looking over your submissions and will announce the winners very soon.

    To check out some of the early entries and see what the contest was all about, see the Ten Ton Hammer "Dead of Summer" contest details page.

    Thu, Aug 10, 2006
  • Bog Lurkers Revealed

    In the continuing glimpses of the creatures that will inhabit Middle-earth, Turbine gives us a peek today at the Bog Lurker.

    Found in the forested wetlands of western Middle-earth, the bog-lurker lives a concealed existence in the darkened wilds. To the casual observer, the body of the bog-lurker is seemingly made of root and bramble, its back alive with marsh-plants and its limbs formed of bark and wood. Ancient tales tell of the creature working alongside the mighty Ents of Eriador, acting in their service to assist in the shepherding of the trees.

    Learn more and get a look at the concept art then head over to LOTRO Ten Ton Hammer and let us know what you think of this unique creature.

    Wed, Aug 09, 2006
  • Entropia Universe Announces Final Sale Prices From July

    This press release from Entropia Universe gives us a look at their sales figures.

    The Virtual Real Estate Boom is Here, Thousands Flock to Spend Thousands for
    Virtual Properties, Including Vast Rainforests, Riverfront Estates, Remote
    Snow Covered Mountains, and More

    Keep reading to see the full press release. When you're done, weigh in on virtual sales right here in the forums at Ten Ton Hammer!

    Tue, Aug 08, 2006
  • Overview of the Badlands

    Mythic Entertainment has released an overview of part of the world for the upcoming Wahammer Online. Today we get a look at the Badlands which are situated between the Worlds Edge Mountains and the Dragonback Mountains. This rocky, arid land will prove an interesting testing ground.

    This desolate land is home to some of the most vicious and brutal tribes of greenskins to be found anywhere. These tribes war constantly with one another, and many of the most successful greenskin leaders in the history of the Old World emerged from the Badlands to lead their tribes on a path of destruction and conquest. The harsh environment and constant state of conflict weed out the weak and unworthy. In the Badlands, only the strongest survive.

    Keep reading to learn more about this desolate and harsh environment. When you're done head over to Warhammer Ten Ton Hammer and share your thoughts with the ever growing Warhammer Online community!

    Fri, Aug 04, 2006
  • Codemasters Online Gaming to introduce new MMO subscription solution for ArchLordTM.

    A press release was issued today that talks about Codemaster's ArchLord's new solutions for merging subscriptions and pay by item systems. The new system is being called PayPlus. It will allow players a variety of options when it comes to paying one price to cover their monthly fees as well as their in game needs.

    The PlayPLUS system will enable players to purchase subscription packages that include both game time and in-game bonus credits. Credits will be redeemable against bonus in-game items and benefits, such as teleportation spells, health boosts and many other desirable enhancements.

    Read the full press release and then let us know if you like this new system right here in the forums at Ten Ton Hammer.

    Fri, Aug 04, 2006
  • Attend PAX and Get A Chance to Compete

    Are you headed to PAX? Then don't miss the chance to check out the first ever Guild Wars Live Event. This press release was issued today with all the details...

    "The Guild Wars Live Event is a one-of-a-kind competition and every PAX attendee gets to play," said Penny Arcade's events manager Mike Fehlauer. "PAX is growing so quickly because the industry is really bringing its best offerings to the show. At the Expo developers and the hardcore players that drive this industry can directly interact like never before, and the Guild Wars Live Event is a great example of one of those unique events gamers will love."

    Check out the full press release to learn more. If you're planning to head to PAX, head over to Guild Wars Ten Ton Hammer and let us know!

    Thu, Aug 03, 2006
  • Update Details

    The official site for Final Fantasy XI has been updated with the notes from the latest changes to the game.

    -The continuation of the Treasures of Aht Urhgan storyline has been added.

    The following Besieged-related issues have been modified:

    - Status effects that slowly decrease player HP will now be automatically removed after Besieged.
    - After retreating, the beastman forces will now remain at half strength.
    - The number of monsters that invade Al Zahbi during Besieged has been changed.
    - The conditions for causing a beastman retreat have been changed.

    Read the rest of this update list and then let us know what you think of these changes in the forums here at Ten Ton Hammer.

    Wed, Aug 02, 2006
  • Get Your Pre-Order Pack Today!

    This just can now pre-order ArchLord and receive free goodies for doing so!

    Breaking News - ArchLord pre-order packs are now available to pre-order from GameStop(tm)


    Yes, you did indeed read that right. ArchLord pre-order packs are available to pre-order from GameStop™ and EB Games™. So head on over to GameStop™ by clicking here and be one of the first to pre-order ArchLord. As a reward for your early interest you will find that your pack contains a number of cool items; a key to obtain one of four exclusive in game items, stickers, cool art postcards and an exclusive soundtrack CD.

    Fellow Europeans, do not worry; we are finalising details of the European pre-order campaign as we speak.

    I hope to hear lots of you have pre-ordered, so go forth and order!


    What are you waiting for? Get clicking and get your pre-order today! Can't wait for ArchLord to launch? Tell us about it right here in the forums at Ten Ton

    Tue, Aug 01, 2006
  • Developer Diary: Jared Hall-Dugas

    The official site for Lord of the Rings Online has been updated today with another developer diary. Today Jared Hall-Dugas gives us a tour of the raid system for this upcoming game.

    We've done it! We've discovered the formula for fun: [(x * 2.342) + (y * 2) + z4] / 24 = FUN!

    Um, what? (See? You should have paid more attention in algebra class&I'll come back to this in a moment.)


    Yes, we mean raids. The same raids that weren't originally planned for our game (see "Friends Don't Let Friends Tank Balrogs"). This isn't so much a philosophical change in our game, but rather an additional gameplay dynamic we have decided to include. For some members of our community, this means much rejoicing, but for others, there's a bit more concern, even fear. I'm here to give you a little more information about our raid plans to help alleviate some of those fears.

    Read the full article for yourself and when you're done be sure to visit the forums at LOTRO Ten Ton Hammer to let us know what you think of how raids will shape up.

    Tue, Aug 01, 2006
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