• New Enhancements for Module 2, Part 4 of 4

    The concluding issue of notes from the developers at Dungeons and Dragons Online has been posted. This issue takes a look at the new enhancments that we will be seeing when Module 2 launches in July.

    Module 2 will be introducing a number of new enhancements (purchased with action points) that will let players further customize and specialize your characters. Almost everyone will be getting some new enhancements to choose from; this is the fourth in a four part series of articles featuring in-depth descriptions of what these new enhancements are and how they work.

    Find out more at the official DDO site.

    Wed, Jun 28, 2006
  • European DDO Player Screenshot Contest - Win 3-months of free game time!

    Codemasters Online Gaming announced a new contest for the European players of DDO!

    Do you have pictures of you and your friends in an epic battle or narrowly avoiding a deadly trap? Perhaps you found a particularly picturesque location in game, or were discussing your adventures with guild mates while relaxing in the local tavern? Here is your chance to show off your photography skills in the world of Eberron.

    We are excited to announce our monthly screenshot contest! Each month we will pick several player-submitted screenshots and post them up for you to vote on. The screenshot with the most votes at the end of the month will be declared the winner and will be awarded a fantastic special prize of 3-months’ free game time!

    We are now taking the first batch of submissions for the first contest which started 27th June. For the first month's competition you have just one week to get your submissions in! Thereafter, there will be whole month in which to send us your screenshots. For more information please click here.

    Wed, Jun 28, 2006
  • Happy 5th Anniversary Anarchy Online

    Anarchy Online is celebrating its 5th anniversary this week and Funcom will be holding a series of in-game events and activities to commemorate the occasion.

    Durham, USA — June 27, 2006 – Funcom is proud to announce that Anarchy Online celebrates its 5th anniversary today! To mark this considerable milestone Funcom will be hosting numerous in-game events and activities this coming weekend. In addition Funcom will give away all the released Anarchy Online expansion packs for free! This means that all past and present players of Anarchy Online, including everyone who has ever registered for the game, can get to experience all the exciting expansion packs without any costs other than the monthly fee!*

    “We are extremely proud of all we have learned and achieved with Anarchy Online, and even today the game keeps on attracting new gamers in their hundreds of thousands,” said Trond Arne Aas, CEO of Funcom. “New doesn’t equate to better, and the continued success of the free and ultimate sci-fi MMORPG is a testament to how an online game can be honed and improved on an ongoing basis. As we look into the sixth year of Anarchy Online and beyond, we are continuously dedicated to keep on improving the game.”

    Anarchy Online timeline:

    Anarchy Online (2001) – With the world’s first science fiction MMORPG Funcom introduced MMO innovations like the mission system, the Auto-Content Generation system, instancing, drag and drop chat interface and numerous other technical improvements which have been widely copied. Shortly after launch Funcom introduced the free seven day trial and digital downloads into the MMO scene. Anarchy Online won “Best MMO of the year 2001” in PC gamer US.

    Anarchy Online Special Edition (2002) - The special edition of Anarchy Online included a brand new player experience and an updated and improved game client. With a focus on stability and a smooth introduction into the game, AO had turned into a MMO powerhouse.

    Anarchy Online - Notum Wars (2002) - For the first time in a MMO Funcom introduced land control areas, organization vs. organization PvP and voice commands, and Notum Wars meant another great step forward for the exciting PvP action found in the game. It won the “Expansion pack of the year” in Computer Gaming World.

    Anarchy Online – Shadowlands (2003) - The massive Shadowlands expansion pack was widely heralded as a benchmark for MMO expansions, and the game won numerous awards and netted an 88% review score average. Introducing massive amounts of new content, new playfields and two new professions, the expansion pack opened up a new universe for the AO players. Shadowlands won ‘Expansion pack of the year’ at IGN.

    Anarchy Online – Alien Invasion (2004) - The Alien Invasion expansion pack meant an exciting new chapter for the ongoing storyline in Anarchy as the planet of Rubi-Ka was invaded by a ferocious alien race. With additions like player-made cities and guild based content on demand attacks, the expansion pack took AO yet another step forward. Alien Invasion was the first game to be available in digital retail on launch day.

    Anarchy Online – Classic for free (2004) - Anarchy Online became the first major MMO to switch to no subscription fees as the classic version of the game became free in November 2004. In the spring of 2005 Funcom and Massive Incorporated introduced, for the first time in a game, dynamic in-game advertising billboards allowing Funcom to further experiment with exciting new business models and free gameplay.

    Anarchy Online – Lost Eden (2006) - In Q4 2006 Funcom will launch Lost Eden, the latest addition to the ongoing Anarchy Online saga. Introducing massive orbital battle-stations, new vehicles, battle Mechs, advanced research opportunities, new PvP approaches on Rubi-Ka and access to vast alien motherships is but a few of the exciting new things the players of Anarchy Online can look forward to.

    For more information about the game, the anniversary events and the upcoming expansion pack Anarchy Online – Lost Eden visit the official website

    *Offer valid three weeks from the 27th of June. All free players who wish to get access to the free expansion packs will need to convert to a paying subscriber status. Offer will be sent via email to all registered players of Anarchy Online.

    Wed, Jun 28, 2006
  • Game Code Updated

    Pirates of the Burning Sea developer logs have been updated. You can read about "Get Rid of Lua Day", a mass push by developers to change the game code...

    Last Tuesday we celebrated the first official Flying Lab Programmer Holiday, "Get Rid of Lua Day."

    Lua is a scripting language that we have been using for the past several years. It has served in a wide variety of ways on the PotBS client, but mostly we have used it for game UI and console commands (like /tell or /toad.)

    We've been gradually moving game functionality from Lua into C++ over the past year and a half, but significant chunks of the game were still in Lua, so I took a day out of the schedule for every programmer and we made a single big push to get as much of the lingering Lua out of the game as possible. I would have to call the day a complete success.

    Read more about these changes.

    Tue, Jun 27, 2006
  • Ten Tons of Blogs...

    Alright...shh! I know that was cheesy but I couldn't resist! Without further ado, here's what is new throughout the blogs at Ten Ton Hammer...

  • Coyote
    I’m SpEcIaL Yaaay! (6.23.06)
    Coyote brings us some thoughts on the "dumbing down" of MMOs...

    Looking for hot cyber.. (6.26.06)
    Nightmare? Day dream? Call it what you want, but Coyote's talking about his cyber experience today!

  • Kir
    Time to Resume this Blog! (6.22.06)
    Kir returns to blogging after many changes. Find out what's new with Kir!
  • RadarX
    Frustration in Nizara (6.26.06)
    RadarX reveals his frustration filled journies in this new zone!
  • Messiah
    Back Home safe and sound (6.24.06)
    Home from Paris France, Messiah gives us an update.
  • Lady Sirse
    MMO Credit Cards? (6.26.06)
    Lady Sirse shares an interesting find in her research on the secondary market with us.
  • Ratboy
    Episode #1: “Teh” Tired (6.23.06)
    Ratboy endevors to make a Podcast...find out more in his blog.
  • WTF?
    Spam, egg, spam, spam, bacon and spam (6.23.06)
    Phil shares his email woes with us! Spammers Beware!

    Hotels and the Intarwebs (6.24.06)
    Phil without a good internet connection? This could prove...interesting. Find out how he is holding up in his blog.

  • On a Side Note
    A Fire, A Bottle of Wine and Being God pt. 1 (6.23.06)
    Awen gives us a glimpse at her time in Paris France. Don't miss it!
  • Ganked!
    An American In Paris Part 3 (6.23.06)
    A continuing look at the people of France through Ethec's eyes. Find out how GPS saved the day!

    An American in Paris, Sunday Edition (6.25.06)
    Farty shrug? What the...I know... I asked it too! Read the blog and find out what the heck a farty shrug is!

Mon, Jun 26, 2006
  • Light Shed on Questions

    Sanya Thomas sheds some light on current hot questions in the Dark Age of Camelot community. Yes, of course this means she touches on the EA/ Mythic deal and what it means for the future of the game...

    I surely do wish I had more information for everyone about the EA thing, but everything I know, I've put here on the Herald for you. Don't worry so much, y'all. Come to an event, either a road trip or the full-blown Vegas party - see us Mythic people in person if you don't believe a bunch of words on a web page. Besides, I enjoy the heck out of meeting fellow players. Even the guy with the binder, he's a handsome guy with a great hat ;)

    Read more and see what questions were answered on The Camelot Herald.

    Mon, Jun 26, 2006
  • Need a Job?

    The official site for Pirates of the Burning Sea has some interesting updates on it. Keep reading to find out what is new...

  • The Really New Nav Zone Name!

    When sailing from port to port in Pirates of the Burning Sea, your ship maneuvers through what has been commonly referred to as 'The Navigation Zone'. We went through a naming process, and came up with...

  • Two New Screenshots at MMORPG!

    Our friends at have posted two great screenshots depicting the Pirates of the Burning Sea world at night.

  • Jobs at FLS: Lead Character Artist!

    Currently, Flying Lab Software is seeking applications from qualified individuals for the position of Lead Character Artist.

    Based in Seattle, WA, Flying Lab Software is currently working on our next-gen MMP, Pirates of the Burning Sea. Previous studio projects include the award-winning Rails Across America. Flying Lab offers flexible hours, top of the line machines upgraded regularly, the opportunity to work with a great team on a cutting-edge PC MMP game, and much more!

  • News
    Mon, Jun 26, 2006
  • Loot Preview, New Shadows Chapter and a New Poll

    The DDO official site is filled with goodies! Let me take a moment to catch you up...

  • Sneak Peek: Twilight Forge Module Loot - Get a look at some of the new loot items coming in the July expansion. Experience this look through the eyes of Quirk Meadora, Halfling Rogue extraordinaire.

    Gyroscopic Boots of Striding

    How did I, Quirk Meadora put myself in this predicament? One moment I am laughing it up in the tavern enjoying a drink, the next I am on the run. Truth be told, I do know why I am on the run, and that reason is the same one that is helping me to escape this horrible situation.

  • Shadows of Stormreach: Chapter Three - Keith Baker continues his wonderful exlcusive story.

    Spike found Link in a dark corner of the Leaky Dinghy, talking with a dwarf merchant. Joy flowed through Spike as he charged the pair - the burning thrill that only came with battle. A swift, open-handed blow with his left hand sent the dwarf tumbling to the ground. His right hand locked around Link's throat. Spike pulled his victim out of his chair, lifting him into the air.

  • Player Screenshot Poll - Let your voice be heard!

    Have a look at the screenshots this week and vote for the one you like best. At the end of the week we will tally the votes and announce the winning screenshot. The winner at the end of each week will be awarded the forum title of "Stormreach Chronicler."

  • News
    Sat, Jun 24, 2006
  • Build a Guild Page...

    On the official site for the Saga of Ryzom, there were a few changes this week. The first is that they have added a new guild section to the site.

    We've just opened a new section on the website, for the guilds. You can add here your own page presenting your guild, with pictures, links etc.

    Also, they have added more servers to help with the download of the game for those who are taking advantage of the free trial offer!

    Since the release of the Ruins of Silan and the new Free Trial offer, the client installer is being downloaded several thousand times every day, filling up the bandwidth we dedicated for the client download. We have thus added extra mirror servers and upgraded the total bandwidth from 200 Mbps to 600 Mbps - you should now be able to download the game at full speed again. :-)

    Head over to the Saga of Ryzom site to find out more!

    Sat, Jun 24, 2006
  • Features Page Updates, New Calendar Pages and Audio Interviews...Oh My!

    Friday was a busy day on the official site for Turbine's Lord of the Rings Online. The Features page has been updated with new descriptions of The Lord of the Rings Online:Shadows of Angmar. The Calendars have been updated with wallpaers for July - September 2006. Last but certainly not least, Codemasters is releasing a 15-clip series of audio interviews featuring LOTRO's Executive Producer, Jeffrey Steefel.

    Head over to the Lord of the Rings Online site to see all of these updates for yourself!

    Sat, Jun 24, 2006
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