• Who's got the EQ2 lovin? We do! This week's Town Crier is out and Ten Ton Hammer is featured.

    Hark! Be that the Town Crier I spy? He brings us tidings from the far reaches of Norrath's influence. Be they dismal, strange, or otherwise? Let us observe as he waxes eloquent about current affairs.

    # The Town Crier wanted to learn more about adds, so we decided to take trip over to Aggro Me's math class. Once the Town Crier stopped in we caught Aggro Me conducting a siminar on what he's learned, be sure to read the note on his "Mad Skillz".
    # Meeting new people is always pleasureable for the Town Crier and we were fortunate enough to meet Calthine recently for her first article on Caster's Realm. The tradeskill expert gave great insight in her "Tradeskill Rare Event Guide".
    # In the far off land of IGN we're hearing words that new fiction is available. The Town Crier stopped in to see that Chapter VIII of The Forgotten by Shara is now available, so check it out!
    # The Town Crier tries to stay out of the Pirate vs. Ninja conversation but Ten Ton Hammer offers up some of their opinions in Slide's article "Pirates vs. Ninjas". If you happen to have a plant and need some Plant-Sitting then who better to ask than Niami? Be sure to check out Niami's latest mishaps in "Adventures in Plant-Sitting".If it's information that ye seek in the manuscripts then Ten Ton Hammer has you covered. In "The Bodacious Berserker Guide" you'll find a great deal of information to help you on your travels, the Town Crier is reading up on this and we suggest you do as well.

    Want to see up close and personal what they're talking about? You are in luck! Go visit our EverQuest 2 Community to find the latest and greatest information on the game.

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    Thu, Apr 27, 2006
  • It happens to the best of games. My thoughts on this? Good! Finally developers are getting the fact that they shouldn't launch before the game is ready!

    Granted it's not a huge delay, only a few weeks off.

    As the developers are currently working on the final testing and balancing tasks in the Dark and Light private beta, they must regretfully choose to postpone the release of Dark and Light. César Jacquet, manager of NPCube, explains: “As the release date gets closer, we are not satisfied enough with the balancing and debugging, and do not wish to release Dark and Light just yet. After many ups and downs (the chikungunya epidemic on Reunion island , as well as logistic issues), the development team wishes to release Dark and Light in the best possible condition to make up for the delay, and to reward Players who put their trust in us and expect a lot from Dark and Light. This is why Farlan agrees with the recommendations of NPCube nd has pushed the release date back.

    Good for you guys!

    You can also pre-order your Dark and Light Activation Key starting today. You can get that right here at the official site. Dark and Light officially launches May 30th. You can start downloading the game on May 26th.

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    Thu, Apr 27, 2006
  • The E3 Elimination Tournament - Reminder — 04/26/06

    Reminder that The E3 Elimination Tournament is going to take place this Saturday, April 29. We have all sorts of E3 related prizes to give away, including a free trip! Check out the Contest Page for all the details!

    Contest Page.
    Auto Assault Fans Go Here!

    The Best Auto Assault Community in the WORLD! Seriously, they have a ton and a half of good information. Check them out.

    Note: No, we're not giving away a trip. Would we like to? Sure.. but we're not. So I apologize for that misunderstanding.

    Thu, Apr 27, 2006
  • If you're not a subscriber to Fileplanet you're still in luck! Mgame has opened up the closed beta test to everyone.

    MGame is pleased to announce that the client and Digital key for the first Closed
    Beta will be available on Fileplanet for all users!!
    Subscribers and non-subscribers!! =)

    In addition to this, MGame and Fileplanet will be increasing the number of Digital Keys given out for the first Closed Beta!

    We (MGame and Fileplanet) have heard the people's voice! Now everyone can
    participate in our first Closed Beta, and we encourage you to do so! We thank
    our players for their patience and understanding.

    We look forward to seeing and hearing from you in The Legend of Ares.

    Go to their website for more details.

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    Thu, Apr 27, 2006
  • This is the first of a series of public developer chats that the developers of The Chronicles of Spellborn will be holding. It will be on their IRC channel and the topic is housing.

    The first in our series of public Dev Chats will be held on Saturday the 29th of April at 21:00 CEST. The subject of this chat is Housing in TCoS. The chat is expected to run an hour or so and will be done in Question and Answer format, so make sure to drop in a bit before the chat starts to begin submitting your questions.

    You can stop by our irc server ( and join the #spellborn-qa channel in order to read or take part in the Q&A. Afterwards we will be making logs of the event available for those who cannot attend but are still curious as to how the system will work.

    Expected Dev attendees for Dev Chat #1 include Burn, CrowbarAlpha and Corwynn Maelstrom.

    I'd attend. These guys always give good information.

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    Thu, Apr 27, 2006
  • Ok I really dig these guys at Granite games but I need to raise my eyebrows at this one. According to the official website, Clerics are now being called Paladins.

    I'm going to have to ask Necrolis what's going on here. If you have visions of holy warriors in plate like I do, you're highly confused right now. We'll get to the bottom of this, yes we will.

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    Wed, Apr 26, 2006
  • All good things must come to an end. This doesn't mean that Dark and Light is ending. It means that it's just beginning!

    THE time has come for Pioneers to place their commemorative stele in the world of Ganareth and to reach the highest level available on their character for those who still haven’t done it... the countdown for the end of SoG has begun.

    Many questions appeared as the closure draws nearer. Here is how Pioneers will find their inheritance at the beginning of Dark and Light.

    - The SoG character who will be used for the inheritance will be the highest leveled character. If multiple characters reached the same level, only one of them will be kept. The best way to choose the character that you want as your ancestor is to keep only one character in each account, and to delete the others before SoG ends. However, if some people fail to keep only one of them, the character chosen as the ancestor will be the oldest character (the one that was created first).

    - The commemorative stele that will be kept on Dark and Light’s lands will be the stele associated with the character from which Pioneers will gain their inheritance. Warning, steles placed on gaming zones (roads, villages, departure and arrival points of transports and the al-drifa barony) will be deleted.

    - Goths’ repartition for the heir will be made according to the following (these amounts are totally independent of the amount the Pioneer had in SoG):
    250 000 Goths if your character has reached level 35
    200 000 Goths if your character has reached level 30 or higher
    150 000 Goths if your character has reached level 20 or higher
    100 000 Goths if your character has reached level 10 or higher
    50 000 Goths if your character has reached a lower level than 10

    - A specific command will allow Pioneers, whenever they wish to use it and on whichever character they want to use it for, to activate their inheritance. This command will be sent by e-mail to every Pioneer.

    - Additionally the final level of the Pioneers’ ancestor will be transferred to the character that receives the inheritance.

    Irzigandar will send the ultimate information to Pioneers by e-mail before Dark and Light begins.

    See you very soon!

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    Wed, Apr 26, 2006
  • There are alot of questions concerning Codemaster's new MMORPG Archlord. They decided it was best to be able to answer them.

    In order to accomadate the high influx of new viewers to the site, the FAQ section has now launched. It currently covers some very basic questions about the game. But as things progress it will be updated reguarly. If you can't find an answer there then head on over to the forums where I'm sure some of the regular forums users will be able to answer your question.

    You can find their FAQ right here.

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    Wed, Apr 26, 2006
  • There are quite a few features right now for Age of Conan. Without further Ado - Here they are.

    Age of Conan on G4TV G4TV's Electric Playground show recently visited the offices in Oslo to take a look at Age of Conan, find out what they had to say!

    Including an interview with game director Gaute Godager they also got to see the game's combat engine in action!

    Gamespy Previews Age of Conan.

    More Age of Conan Articles on Gamespy.

    Gamespy really loves Age of Conan. We do to. Expect some news of the game from our E3 coverage.

    More Age of Conan news.

    Wed, Apr 26, 2006
  • I know, I'm a day late and about $2.50 short on this one. However, I didn't post it before and I'll rectify that mistake.

    SUN is going Open Beta on May 15th.

    - Addition of a spacious field and Mission Competing System, 2 weeks delay in OB schedule

    (2006-04-21) ‘Soul of the Ultimate Nation (SUN)’, the most anticipated game for 2006, will be reborn as a next generation game with the introduction of a powerful Mission Competing System.

    Webzen Inc. (CEO Nam Ju Kim, announced that the open beta test which was originally planned to commence on May 2, will be pushed back 2 weeks to May 15, with the full-scale introduction of the Mission Competing System.

    Accordingly, the 2nd pre-open beta testing date will be adjusted to commence on May 8 to May 12.

    Webzen CEO Nam Ju Kim stated, “After the success of MU, as a leading company in this industry, we want to continue to lead the next generation games through SUN. Even taking into consideration all the risks associated with the service delay, we believe that through these new contents, we will be able to satisfy all the SUN users with high anticipation

    In the SUN open beta test, not only a spacious field map will be added, but also a new concept of a detailed quest system will be introduced. Also, newly integrating the mission and competition elements as the main composition, the game will provide a ‘survival mode’, which the users will have to compete which other in order to survive, and the ‘time attack’ mode, where the users will hunt as many monsters as possible during a limited time. The users will also be able to enjoy the vivid PvP element, and the ‘ranking system’ which will be provided regularly within the game.

    The AC (Area Conquest) System, where the user can receive various benefits depending on the amount of contribution by the user in its corresponding area, is another factor the users will enjoy during the open beta.

    Webzen is in the process of testing the open beta version of SUN, and is preparing the marketing promotion strategy for the grand open on May 15.

    You'll have to tell me how fun the game is.

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    Wed, Apr 26, 2006
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