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Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning - Glossary

Amalur (ah-muh-LOOR) • The world; setting for Reckoning. During the Age of Arcana, magic in Amalur has become more potent and chaotic

Almain (AHL-main) • Kingdom of noble humans who personify knightly tradition

Varani (vuh-RAH-nee) • Hardy humans known as traders and mercenaries. Though civilized, they are far less formal than the Almain.

Ljosalfar (LO-sal-far) • Light elves from the frozen north. Dedicated to the principle of justice

Dokkalfar (DAHK-al-far) • Alluring, magical dark elves. Inhabit the port city of Rathir

Gnomes • Scholars, inventors, soldiers, and schemers. The gnomes have built the Well of Souls as a means of offering immortality, but so far it has only worked once - on the player character

Fae (fay) • Magical beings dedicated to preserving the natural order. Divided into two main branches: Seelie (Summer Fae) and Unseelie (Winter Fae)

Tuatha (too-AH-tha) • Sect of Unseelie Fae that has started a war against the elves

Rathir (ruh-thEER) • City of the Dokkalfar located in Erathell. Overlooks the sea

Mel Senshir (mel sen-SHEER) • Ancient fortress of the elves. Under siege by the Tuatha

Twyhli Coast (tih-WILL-ee) • The war-torn eastern coast of Erathell. Site of heated battles with the Tuatha

Culn (kuln) • Ruined Almain village in the Twyhli Coast, destroyed by the Tuatha during the war

Virki (VER-kee) • Former elven stronghold in the Twyhli Coast, toppled by the Tuatha during the war

Travelers • Society of entertainers, crafters, adventurers, and outlaws who roam the by-ways of Amalur. Led by the Heirophant, whose gift of prophecy has recently begun to falter

Atheof Cergren (ATH-e-ov SIR-gren) • Almain resident of Rathir whose daughter has gone missing on the Twyhli Coast

Anela Cergren (an-Y-la SIR-gren) • Twyhli settler who you've been sent to find by her concerned father

Bede Pengaras (bead pen-GAR-ass) • Lone survivor of Tuatha attack on Culn, found hiding in the cellar of one of the houses

Mitharu (mith-AH-roo) • God of Order, often invoked in response to bad or troubling news

Sprite • Wild fae creatures. Most often attack in packs. The sprite soldier isn’t formidable alone, but when soldiers are paired with a sprite champion, they will gain the elemental attacks and resistances of their leader

Crabs • Decapod crustacean of the suborder Brachyura, known to be tasty when served with old bay and butter

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actually friend, there are several places, including video interviews of the devs, that state there are about 40 destiny's to choose from- not 7.


Maybe it just reflects that you can combine from all 3 skill sets as you see fit

1 mage
2 warrior
3 rogue
4 mage+rogue
5 mage+warrior
6 warrior+rogue
7 mage+warrior+rogue


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