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TTH: That’s cool. I really like that idea of having an interdependency. It’s not like just another pet.

The long-awaited Beastlord comes to EQ2 David: Yeah, it’s very different from a pet. We’re already having questions about other classes' pets.  Those are summoned, they’re like a magical spell. They’re not smart, they’re not sentient. They don’t have the intelligence to adapt and learn tactics. They do what they do. It’s kind of like having a robot, in a way. Whereas warders are totally different. That’s a partner you’re building. So when you interact with your warders, and summon different warders, you’re really changing the way your class plays. It should be very, very interesting for people, I think.

TTH: Are they aligned as evil or good, or both?

David: I really don’t remember the conversation well enough to be sure, but I don’t see any reason why they couldn’t be neutral, to be on whatever side they wanted to be on. We’ll have warders available that will definitely be evil or good aligned. So you’ll have to choose what you want.

TTH: In regards to the rest of the expansion, are we looking at new zones as well?

David: For the box?

TTH: Yes.

David: No. We’re giving away all of the zone content for just the regular subscription price.

TTH: Ok.

David: We are cranking out content. Just so you’re aware, Velious came out, and Game Update 60, GU 61, GU 63, 64, 66, and 67 are all Velious content. We will be building Velious content until 2013. One low price, big ass content! It’ll be the biggest expansion pack ever made by the time we’re done with it. It’s gigantic. You know all the stuff in EQ1 where half the continent was all dragons? Well, you haven’t seen a dragon yet, have you? We have a lot to do! Plus, we’re doing that whole Freeport, which is going to be fantastic. Did you hear any of the details on that?

TTH: No.

David: Then I have to tell you some of that. Next summer, we’ll redo Qeynos with the same kind of treatment that we’re giving Freeport.

The EQ2 Tradeskill Apprentice in action Freeport is getting turned into a massive multi-level quest hub with all kinds of exploratory content in it. We’re taking the whole city and turning it into a single zone, so there’s no more zoning between areas, although all of the neighborhoods and sewers are still going to be instances. The reason why we’re making the neighborhoods instances is so we can actually do predicated content so when you go in, your actions will affect the way the neighborhood reacts to you.
The neighborhoods are like segregated neighborhoods, like when you go to San Jose. There’s a Vietnamese block, a Korean block, and so on and so forth. That’s the way the neighborhoods are going to be in Freeport.

An example that I’ve been using is that you go into a shop and on the back counter, you can see a bag of gold and it’s just sitting there glowing and you can click on it. What do you do? Do you take it? If you take it, maybe the neighborhood will go, “Hey Rube!” and start chasing your ass all over the neighborhood. “Thief! Thief!” “Kill him!” and all that kind of stuff. Or you could just leave it alone. We’ll go through and put in all of this exploratory content that isn’t just chase feather, do quests. Of course, we’ll still have that too.

We’re also going to have all kinds of race and class specific quest lines, which is something we normally shy away from because we want everybody to be able to do the content. That seems efficient. But we know our players are alt-aholics, and they keep going through and through and through, so we want to give them something so that when they do change race and class, they get some different content along the way.

So when you play in Darklight Woods or Timorous Deep as an evil character, you will no longer go on the Golden Path to Butcher Block to help the dwarfs for some reason. Instead, you’ll go to Freeport and get involved in Lucan D'Lere's march for power.

We’re focusing on personalities. I’m a big fan of Game of Thrones. I’ve always been a fan of ensemble books or ensemble characters where there’s really key characters and the plots always revolve around those, so we’re going to be doing a lot of that with Freeport. We’ll build personalities that have connections and you’ll be able to understand the kinds of things that they’re interested in after you’ve worked with them for a while and you’ll get to know them as personalities, which we don’t have enough  of in EQ2. We just don’t. We’re doing a lot to really seriously change the feel of the game without messing with the mechanics too much.


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