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TTH: That sounds like a lot of fun.

David: I was a huge Dungeon Keeper fan. Then I worked as the Senior Producer for Dungeon Overlord, the Facebook game. It’s just one of those things that I’ve been picking at for a long time, and the team got solidly behind it and we realized that we had a chance to do something that nobody had ever done before..let’s do it.

We tried to figure out all the flaws that could be going in and tried to nail them. I think it’s exploit-proof. We’ll know when we get to beta. I think it’s exploit-proof!

TTH: Those are dangerous words!

David: We even wanted to start using things like the ultravision and infravision to be able to detect traps, which would be cool. Finally, a use for the vision powers! Or maybe a use for the disarm trap skill!

TTH: And what about reforging?

David: Oh right, reforging!

Well, it’s a relatively simple thing. Basically, you can have a powerful item that has stats and you could shuffle some of the secondary stats around if you reforge. Anybody can do it. It’s not a tradeskill. That’s something that of course the power-gamers are interested in because they want to maximize every little thing. If they think they need something else, they can shift in that direction. The primary stats can’t really be shifted around but it’s a nice thing for them to self-police for what they think they need for their build.

In addition to that, just because we thought it was cool, if your weapon had a particle effect on it, we’re also going to give you a particle effect editor. So you’ll be able to change the particle effects: the colors, maybe speed and rotation and that sort of thing and be able to customize how your weapon looks to other players. And that’s just sexy.
Reforging is just sexy

Reforging is just sexy

And we’re also going to raise the AA limit by….an undisclosed amount. More than one!

GU 61 in August gets a lot of these things as benefits. We have the new dynamic dungeons that we’ve never done before in EQ2. Basically, every time you go in, we have basically 15 different templates that we can pull from in these dungeons. Every time you go in, the rooms and everything…the areas are populated differently. Hopefully, it’ll take longer to chew through that dungeon. We’ll see how the players like it. If they like it, great.

Also in GU 61, we have new raids and heroic dungeons, all with normal and hard level versions.

Raids always used to be hard mode basically. By putting in normal raids, what we’re doing is allowing players who are interested in raids but weren’t hardcore enough about it to be in the hardcore raid groups. They’re actually playing these normal raids already and they’re having a good time with them. They’re designed to be beatable with a pick-up group of 24 people. They’re learning how to play raids with these normal raids. It’s already working.

We’re anecdotally getting all kinds of feedback where they’re like, “We’re getting tired of doing the normal raids, so we just did our first-ever hard raid and we kicked ass!” We’re like, “Dude, that’s exactly what we’re hoping for.”

It used to be where you would ask somebody if you could go on theri raid and they ask if you’ve ever been in a raid group before. “No.” So they say, “No!” Or if you get in, it’s like, “Stand there, shut up, sit down, and do exactly what I tell you!” This other way is much friendlier and it’s fun.

There’s a bunch of other stuff too. The most important thing that’s coming out in GU 61, and it sounds non-sexy but it has gigantic impact, is that we’re re-itemizing everything from level 20 to 90, which is over 50,000 items. We’re re-itemizing everything because when we changed the stats for Velious, the progression screwed up. Plus, ever since we put the Golden Path in, the only really legitimate way through the world to get cool power items was to go down the Path, which basically invalidated the rest of the world, which is insane with this much content! By going through and re-itemizing 20 though 90, it’s all validated. All of it.

And when we go back and do Freeport and the Beastlords come in and people start doing alts and everything like that, they can explore everywhere. It’s all good! The dungeon finder will be a blast because you can hit any dungeon, and there will be dungeons…I promise you that there’ll be dungeons that you haven’t ever been in. There are so many dungeons.

Any dungeon setting is going to be a blast. Right now, you’ll only go to dungeons that other people are in. But if you’re queuing up for a pick-up group with the dungeon finder and you hit the "any dungeon" button, it’ll take you to any dungeon. You can select specific ones if you only want to play those ones, but you might end up with a longer queue time. If you pick any dungeon, we’ll take the best six people, put them together, and then you go! You’re going to see content that you’ve never seen before.

Right now, we’re doing 125% rewards on the "any dungeon" button. So XP and tokens, you’ll get 125% because we want people to click that button. Shorter wait times are better for people. You’re going to see more content.

TTH: That’s a lot of really cool stuff.

David: Dude! We’re going to be so busy until November! From November to Christmas, we have nothing planned. We’re going to do R&D projects because we’re going to need to de-stress after this.

We’re really excited to get this stuff done because we know that it is the right stuff and the game is going to be so much better for it afterwards. When we get to November, we’ll relax and do some pet projects and passion projects and stuff for a while, which always ends up with cool stuff to. I have no idea what that stuff will be yet.


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