World of Warcraft: Blizzard Launches BlizzCon Community Site

With BlizzCon only a few months away, Blizzard has following in the footsteps of its World of Warcraft community site by revamping the one for their much-anticipated, annual announcement extravaganza.

At the moment the site is a little bare-bones however there is plenty of promise. There are forums you can browse which will eventually be filled with chattering folk swapping tips and such things. Blizzard have added a section for media which will probably host cinematics or announcement trailers and the numerous photos that get uploaded during the event. Speaking of which, there's a page for the live-stream that currently serves to pimp the Virtual Ticket and a page on the event itself if you happen to be attending and need the address or info on how to collect your all-important badge.

One of the highlights of Blizzard events are the live raids and tournaments. With this in mind there’s a page dedicated to the Invitational tournaments that are coming up over the next few months. The finals are held during the BlizzCon weekend and I imagine - as in previous years - these will also be streamed for free. However from the info on the site, the various Invitational events in the US, Europe, Latin America and Korea will be live-streamed as well which will be great for fans of WoW and StarCraft.

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