World of Warcraft: Ghostcrawler Talks Threat. Again.

ItÂ’s been pretty quiet in the Blues front of a while now but not to fear as World of Warcraft most beloved/hated crab has returned with a new blog post, this time looking at threat.

But hang on, didnÂ’t Ghostcrawler discuss that in December? Well he did but WoW is a constantly evolving MMO so sometimes itÂ’s nice to revisit old subjects and look at them in a new light. Which is basically what heÂ’s doing this week with this discussion of threat. He looks at several aspects where threat is important, including throttling, stats and the ever-present problems around the time people are queueing in the Dungeon Finder. Yes, thatÂ’s still a problem. Ghostcrawler also discusses changes they plan to make to improve threat for different classes. If you tank/are thinking of tanking or just want to understand the mysteries of threat, this is definitely a post to read ASAP.

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