Daily Tip:Avoid carrying cargo that is more than a billion ISK in a freighter, or suicide gankers may take a crack at you.

Dealing With Griefers (EVE Online Guide) - Page 2

Posted Fri, Aug 19, 2011 by Space Junkie

War Is Hell

Declaring war on another corporation can be a big problem or no problem, depending mostly on what kind of corporations are involved. For our purposes the most likely case is that of dangerous pirate corporations declaring war on newbie-friendly organizations that generally don't understand how to cope with war. The ways to cope with war are essentially:

Fight back: This is generally the least likely option, since your enemies have probably chosen your corporation precisely because of your corporation's inexperienced nature. While it could theoretically be a valuable experience for you and your friends, it will more likely get you mad while your enemies savor your pain.

Hire help: Hiring mercenaries sometimes yields good results in war, especially against smaller or even one-man corporations. The down side of this is cost. You and your friends are unlikely to have deep pockets unless you buy a lot of PLEX. Still, some players have reported very good results with these.

EVE Online

The best solution to getting griefed is to ignore it and hope it will go away. It's the opposite of medical problems, essentially.

Join a dangerous alliance: When a corporation that is at war joins an alliance, everybody in that alliance will suddenly be in the war. For larger alliances, this is often no big deal: they are used to being in wars and have adapted. For your enemies though, it can be very different. Most one-man corporations probably do not want to be at war with Test Alliance, for example. This can make your enemies give up on their war, or at least give them other targets.

Negotiate with your enemies: The people that declared war on you probably have a reason to do so. Usually it is to extort ISK, though just as often it is for some cheap kills. It is possible that the attackers want a relatively small amount of ISK or some other concession. If nothing else, hear them out.

Break your corporation up: The last resort is for everyone to leave your corporation, breaking it up. If there is no corporation, there can be no war. You can form a new corporation later (though not right away, or some GMs might have a word with you for evading war mechanics). In the meantime you can coordinate your friends in an in-game channel. This is sour grapes for a lot of people and pretty disheartening, but it can be better than having your members get blown up every day.

Final Advice

More than anything else, don't feed the trolls. If someone screws you in some way, don't give them the added satisfaction of knowing that you're mad. Don't make impotent threats about revenge or how powerful your allies are, either. The griefers have heard it all a hundred times, and probably enjoy it. Don't give them the satisfaction or even worse, keep them interested in you as a target. The best weapon you have against them is boredom. If you can make harassing you boring by blocking the guy and not responding, you have won at least a moral victory. It's like dealing with trolls in any other internet medium: ignore them for long enough, and they will go away.

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