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Posted Tue, Jun 28, 2005 by Boomjack

Greasy food and mechanical bulls. has posted their look at the Auto Assault Roadhouse #2 session. We are certain that two pounds of chicken wings may not have been ordered while writing this:

"For the last two Fridays I’ve had the pleasure of joining NCSoft’s Richard Iggo (Auto Assault Product Marketing Manager), Richard Weil (OCR Manager), Steven Snow (Auto Assault Producer), Todd Keister (Auto Assault Assistant Producer) and NetDevil’s Ryan Seabury (Design Director), and Brian Booker (Lead System Designer) for the first two of four teleconferences about their upcoming game Auto Assault. Both conferences have been fun and enlightening and I have enjoyed learning more about the game and the genre. This last Friday our focus was on skills, which may sound like a very narrow topic, but for a game as diverse and complicated as Auto Assault … let’s just say we ran over."

RPGVault also gives us their take on the vehicular mayhem. It's a given, though not for sure that they fell off the mechanical bull just before writing:

"As reported a week ago, NetDevil and NCsoft have started a series of telephone sessions designed to focus on a particular aspect of the game at a time. Carrying forward from the first one, which looked at various aspects of a character creation and advancement, the topic for last Friday was skills. It wasn't always possible to discern who was speaking at any given moment, but it did seem that the three participants representing the developer, Technical Director Scott Brown, Design Director Ryan Seabury and Lead System Designer Brian Booker, did most of the talking and answering, with intermittent help from a few team members on the publisher side."

Of course, we have our own coverage as well.
You can read the entire Auto Assault Roadhouse #2 Session Coverage at, and
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