Warhammer: Jeff Hickman and Paul Barnett from Leipzig GC

Everything You Need to Know About Exploding Penguins...and More!

Fair-skinned High Elves and their nemesis, the race of Dark Elves, are both discussed at the Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning interview conducted at the Leipzig GCDC this week.  Swordmasters, Archmages, Witchblades and Black Guard are the new character classes in discussion as more of this great upcoming MMOG is revealed to the eager masses.  Oh, and pay no attention to that penguin standing on your television set...

After seeing the press conference today, Jeff Hickman and Paul Barnett of Warhammer Online took some time to chat with us about the new elf classes for Warhammer and how penguins explode at 750 ft. up. Yes it is true, penguins….nevermind, we have to discuss High and Dark Elves!

Read on! Then discuss.

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