WoW: Op/Ed - Should All Priests Get Fear Ward?

Balancing Priests (It's Harder Than it Looks!)
Balancing Priests (It's Harder Than it Looks!)

Plucked straight from the ongoing discussion on the official World of Warcraft forums, Byron "Messiah" Mudry takes on this hot topic. Since the beginning of time--hmm, okay, since WoW's launch--there has been disharmony among men (and women) who play priests. The problem has been the inclusion of several "racial talents" and the perceived lack of balance between them. Some are very good, some are down right useless. The most controversial though has always been the dwarf Fear Ward ability.

I've played both factions to max level, and raided on both. Honestly, I can't say it was any harder or easier with either faction. Sure they are different and played significantly different (until the cross faction pally/shaman release with the Burning Crusade), but we got through each encounter given time and skill.

You can get Byron's take here, then share your own opinion in our WoW community forum.

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