Auto Assault Preview at GameSpot

Posted Thu, Jul 14, 2005 by Boomjack

When In Doubt, Hazard Out.
GameSpot has posted an Auto Assault Preview focused on Hazard Mode. While taking the road less travelled we figured, why not turn into a giant ground smashing mech when some weenie said:

"While biomeks can turn their cars into giant robots (which tend to wreak havoc in the game's almost completely destructible environments), the humans have a very different hazard mode. The humans of Auto Assault have apparently spent many years underground in fear of nuclear fallout, and they've spent the time researching, among other things, a high-tech energy-shield technology that comes to the fore in hazard mode. The humans' hazard mode creates an inversion shield that makes the vehicle impervious to damage and also zaps nearby enemies with electromagnetic pulses, causing them to slow down. In hazard mode, humans can also call down satellite strikes to their location and redirect the blast to nearby targets, which also causes devastating results."

You can read the entire Auto Assault Preview at GameSpot.
Looks cool doesn't it? Hit the #1 Auto Assault Site on the entire Interweb.


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