Auto Assault Currency Explained

Posted Thu, Jul 21, 2005 by Boomjack

"One thousand bars' is called a good time where I come from.
The Official Site has a some new Auto Assault Recon posted covering the bling bling of AA, currency. A mutated gob of green slime cough and then wrote this in some crazy language:

"Clink is the lowest common denomination of this system, and is generally composed of any old world coin denomination or other common but valuable objects. It is also called coins, change, or rounders. Scrip is the next tier and usually takes the form of old world paper money. One thousand clink make up one scrip. The bar is the next tier of money, where it represents one kilo of pure refined metal. One thousand scrip equals one bar. The highest tier of money is the globe, a small glowing ball that is rare and found in severely Contaminated areas. They are also known as glows, sparks, or marbles. One thousand bars equal one globe."

You can read the entire Auto Assault Recon Article at The Official Site.


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