Auto Assault Interview at GameSpot

Posted Thu, Jul 21, 2005 by Boomjack

GameSpot puts the screws to Scott Brown.
GameSpot has posted an Auto Assault Interview with NetDevil president Scott Brown. Sleep deprivation, hunger and things we simply can't write about here resulted in the following:

"NetDevil is set to broaden its beta test soon for Auto Assault, the online role-playing game where you get to participate in high-speed vehicular combat in a postapocalyptic world. In Auto Assault, you will create a character based on one of three races, take on missions, upgrade your vehicle and weapons, and blow up everything in the world while you're at it. And as you can probably tell, Auto Assault is certainly a change of pace from conventional online role-playing games, which rely on swords and sorcery. The broadening of a beta test is an important milestone for many online RPGs, as it signifies that most of the content is locked down and now needs to be tested on a larger scale. We caught up with NetDevil president Scott Brown for a progress report, and he gave us some interesting details on the game, thus far."

You can read the entire Auto Assault Interview at GameSpot.


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