1st Dev Blog from EVE Economist and New CCU Record

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Dr. Eyjo Gudmundsson supplies an in-demand blog...

EVE Online's resident economist is taking some serious notes on prices of the game's ship-constructing lifeblood: minerals. If you love stats (and most EVE players live for them) you're going to enjoy this dev blog and the Quarterly Economic Newsletter (QEN) to be published at the end of September. Here's a quote:

"This descriptive account has revealed several interesting facts which will warrant further examination in the future. Doing a wide scale comparison of prices in different regions, calculating implied travel costs and risk premiums for individual regions would be interesting for the professional trader who wishes to maximize his profits when margins are dropping. It will also be interesting to further examine exactly how the demand for capital ships affects the mineral market and to look into inventory numbers of minerals in order to see if traders are trying to manipulate the market by stockpiling and dumping minerals."

Check out the Dr. Gudmundsson's dev blog on the official site. Also, grats to EVE Online for a new peak concurrency record: 35,000 players logged into Tranquility on Sept. 3rd to spend the holiday with their closest piratey friends.

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