Auto Assault Preview at IGN

Posted Thu, Jul 28, 2005 by Boomjack

Heavily armoured vehicles - breakneck speed - lasers.
IGN has posted an Auto Assault preview covering the basics of the game. While careening recklessly through the wasteland shooting their flamethrower at anything that moved they were heard to yell:

"There are three races to choose form here: humans, mutants and biomeks. The humans are, well, a lot like you and me. They've managed to survive the horrible contamination by investing heavily in science and genetic engineering. As a result, they've managed to develop new energy technologies and unleash some profound mental powers. The green-skinned mutants have embraced the contaminants that have poisoned the planet and have developed the power of regeneration. The biomeks are dedicated to the concept that robots ought to rule the planet."

You can read the entire Auto Assault Preview at IGN.
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Auto Assault
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