Producer Comments on MxO-SOE Ties

Posted Mon, Aug 01, 2005 by Ethec

SOE Goes Down Through the Rabbit Hole
Andrew Kaplan posted end-of-July comments about what SOE's takeover will mean to MxO's player community. Interestingly, he did not dispel rumors that MxO will become a new expansion for EverQuest players that use one too many hacks and exploits, meet up with Laurence Fishburne, take a pill, and finally see modern-day Norrath as it truly is:

" The development team has made the transition to the SOE Seattle office. In addition, we are excited to have Paul Chadwick on board to help continue the saga of The Matrix. We have a solid, motivated group. Morale is high and the team is in the process of executing a series of changes that are going to add to an already promising game. "

You can read the entire Producer's Letter here!

On the heels of losing their last developer, SOE's Matrix Online has released update number 66 this week.
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