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Posted Mon, Aug 01, 2005 by Boomjack

RYL Good or RYL Bad?
The Gamers' Temple has posted a review of RYL: Path of the Emperor. Good or bad, you can win $1 million:

"The graphics in RYL: Path of the Emperor are fair to good. Although the character models look relatively good the world seems a little bare. This is not surprising given that the game’s minimum requirements are quite low: a Pentium II 400 with 128mb of RAM and a display card that supports DirectX 8.1or higher are all you need. If you are sporting a relatively new computer with a fast CPU and new model graphics card, say something in the Geforce 66XX and up rang,e you shouldn’t have *any* problems running the graphics on full. It’s interesting that the world is a little bare because your characters are kept on an awesome looking island full of lush grass and palm trees. In contrast to this, you might find yourself thinking that the world is missing some decoration, especially as you get further into the game. I must say you will be impressed by some of the buildings at the start. In the early stages you can take your character to some of the highest points in the tallest buildings and jump all the way to the ground far below you without damage. You should also note that you will be provided with the ability to customize the face and appearance of your characters as you create them. The customization options are nice, but they don’t equate to big changes in the game. Oddly enough it seems like your character is constantly out of breath in the game. Everyone stands there heaving like they have just run the 5K…"

You can read the entire RYL: Path of the Emperor Review at The Gamers' Temple.

Wikiwikiwiki! (Say it Three Times Fast and People Will Look at You Funny) There've been still more new changes to the Ten Ton Hammer Wiki. Three new games have joined the roundup: Pristontale, Rappelz, and Risk Your Life. All three are internationally-released fantasy-based MMORPGs. Head over and check them out!
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Sat, Aug 11, 2007

Is the $1 Million tournament Rylly over? has posted a RYL: Path of the Emperor Interview featuring Mark Politi and discussing the suspension of the $1,000,000 tournament. Richard Simmons informed us that he did not cheat in the RYL tournament and that the following statement was 100% true:

"Mark Politi of Planetwide Games took a few moments to answer our questions in light of recent staff departures, the suspension of their $1,000,000 tournament, and some very damning reviews."

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Fri, Sep 09, 2005

Risk Your Life, and apparently your wallet if you buy this one. GamingAge has posted a review of Risk Your Life: Path of the Emperor. Can $1,000.000 in prize money and sexy booth babes save this game? We have no idea, but we do know that they maybe wrote this, possibly:

" And finally we get to the lovely R.Y.L. community. Asking for help in the chat pane will usually get you one of two responses; ‘ghey’ or ‘n00b’. In fact, the chat pane usually reads like a fourteen year old’s IM conversation, with a moderator popping in every few minutes to say some thing along the lines of ‘hey, stop that or I’ll ban you’ and then leaving again. "

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Mon, Aug 29, 2005

Ryl Bad The Entertainment Depot or TED as we like to call it, has reviewed RYL: Path of the Emperor. Tiger Woods pumped his fist in the air, pointed to our camera and said:

" One of the latest in the ever expanding MMORPG genre is Gamasoft and Youxiland’s RYL: Path of the Emperor, a traditional and skill-based title that allows for players to rise through the ranks and rule the lands.  Set in the territory known as The Almighty Ground, the game starts you in the middle of a struggle between several factions, any of which you can side with: the Kartefant Nation (Human), Merkhadia nations (Ak’Kan), or God’s Pirates (a group of Human and Ak’Kan that seek peaceful coexistence). The troubled history of both peoples is coming to the surface as an influential Ak’Kan leader goes missing in search of the land’s power.  Your journey begins as the looming threat of strife grips the land, allowing for not only disaster but also for one to rise to power. "

You can read the entire RYL: Path of the Emperor Review at TED.

Fri, Aug 19, 2005

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