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Posted Thu, Aug 04, 2005 by Ethec

Foolish Biomek, You Shall Not Ensconce My Pinto in Flames!
Auto Assault begins its series of beta diaries: "Transmissions from the Central Wasteland." Real stories from real people just like you and me, except that they're driving around trying to blow each other up.

"Don't you listen to those that talk about the "lost technology" of the Old World , young Mutant. We Shamans know that the only tech that's lost is what we haven't gone out and dug out of the wastelands yet. No, we won't be needing a shovel. I'll show you how to get what you need to fix this heap with just a Vindicator, some fancy driving, and an unwitting pack o' Scavs. Hop in!"

Read other peoples' (beta) diaries here!


Some games die out long before they've lived up to the potential. Many others never had much going in the first place, yet still hold a place in our hearts.

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