AA Global Maps Introduced

Posted Thu, Aug 04, 2005 by Ethec

Out there, you really won't want to stop for directions.
Another news snippet from the folks at NCSoft / NetDevil teaches us how not to lose our way in the Wasteland. AA's map system looks a little different than the "fogged-or-full map" approach that we all love and hate:

"The Central Wastelands is a very dangerous place to get lost. Hundreds of square miles are filled with Contaminated ecology, teeming with all sorts of dangerous creatures... Thankfully enough, all drivers are equipped with an interactive global map system, which is provided to the three races as a part of INC's services. These aren't full maps in the sense that one can see everything that is out there – while the general locations of areas and sectors of interest are shown, detailed maps are only available for the terrain surrounding the regions drivers have already visited."

Learn more about post-apocolyptic travel here!


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