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Posted Sat, Aug 06, 2005 by Ethec

Dwarves and Giants... Fair Fight or Dev Megalomania?

The latest in a series detailing the various mobs you'll run into in DDO has hit the official site, this time recounting a duel between a few good-guy dwarves and a bad-guy Fire Giant. The only other story we could find about a dwarf and a giant involved Bridget the Midget, and parents will want to prevent their kids from google-ing that one!

Note that you'll need to register for full official forums access to get the full article (it's free!), but here's a teaser:

Watching a dwarf fight a giant is an interesting sight - the dwarves are trained to combat larger foes and dodge about the blows of their larger cousins with surprising ease. Zarn brought his greataxe down, sundering the giant's armor, giving Khovis the opportunity to deal a grievous blow to his opponent with his holy warhammer.

Meet a Fire Giant here!

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