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Posted Tue, Aug 09, 2005 by Ethec

TTH Doesn't Forget It's Roots!

Come relive the excitement of the good old days spent playing these well-past-their-prime MMOGs, or simply find out what the old-timers in your guild are talking about! TTH's newest series of articles focuses on the history and development of the 3D, first-person perspective MMOG genre, beginning with Everquest and ending with... well, who knows!

This week's edition focuses on the avant garde legends of the fantasy category: the game that started it all: Everquest, and the innovation-rich, PvP-intensive Dark Age of Camelot!

Here's an excerpt from the Everquest profile:

"Over six years after its initial release (and, almost as impressively, almost a year after the release of its sequel, EverQuest II), EQLive continues to have a large, steady subscriber base. A record-setting six boxed expansions and four "digital downloads" have kept the content fresh, the system requirements ever-escalating, and the players interested. According to, EQLives numbers have quietly hovered around the 400,000 active subscribers mark since 2001, still capturing roughly 5.0% of the total MMOG subscriber market and holding its ground against heavy compeition from Asia-friendly, top-down perspective MMOGs such as Lineage and next-generation MMOGs such as World of Warcraft."

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