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Guild Wars Game Update Notes

Posted Thu, Aug 11, 2005 by Boomjack

More Guild Wars Goodness.
ArenaNet has posted the latest Guild Wars update notes on the Official Site. Vin Diesel can play six Guild Wars characters at once and never lose an arena battle:

"Update – Wednesday, August 10

  • Fixed a bug that was making some desert teleporters unresponsive.

  • Corrected flaw in Price of Failure skill that was causing missile attacks to miss their targets more than 25% of the time.

  • Corrected Hundred Blades skill to deal damage accurately; previously it was dealing only 75% of its intended damage.

  • Corrected Mind Freeze skill so that damage is dealt regardless of whether the caster's energy is lower than the target's energy.

  • Corrected flaw in Mist Form skill that was preventing it from reducing damage from elemental damage attacks.

  • Corrected "The Price of Steel" quest so that so that White Mantle always drop Ruined Armor for players on the quest.

  • Fixed a bug that was preventing the skill-swap dialog from disappearing after talking to Captain Greywind.

  • Fixed several rare client and server crash bugs."

You can read the Guild Wars Update Notes at the Official Site.

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