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Posted Thu, Aug 18, 2005 by Boomjack

I still feel like a bag of dog dung, that has been set on fire and run over by a big rig. Other than that, life's a dream.
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  • Strange Fossil Defies Grouping

    Prefers to solo. Plays a rogue in World of Warcraft.
  • Comcast Dubs Customer Bitch Dog

    Also responsible for "Idaho - No, Udaho" T-shirts.
  • N.J. Eatery Writes "Jew Couple" on Check

    Patron writes back, "Sue Couple - Thanks for your restaurant!"
  • Pierce Brosnan Out As Bond

    And the next Bond is...Lindsay Lohan.
  • P. Diddy Shortens Name To Diddy

    He will eventually just be "y", which is what I've been asking myself about him all along.
  • Shelter Kills Dog Before Owners Can Pick It Up

    Timmy's fallen in the well! Kill Lassie quick!
  • Pope Forgets Pilgrims

    Second seal fails. Four horsemen seen on horizon.
  • L'Oreal Are Big Fat Liars

    Jim Carrey to play L'Oreal in the movie.
  • Ninja Robs Restaurant

    Pirates are hot on his trial.
  • Beer Bottle Caps Become Currency in Cameroon

    They've been used as currency in Canada for decades.

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