EVE Online FanFest: Multi-OS Client Announcement

Mac and Linux Users Rejoice!

During Hilmar Petursson's keynote speech on Saturday, CCP's CEO and Transgaming President and CEO Vikas Gupta announced the release date and feature set of the EVE Online client for Mac and Linux. CCP isn't known for to hold back when an innovative new release is ready, and so it goes that Transgaming's cross-OS client will make its debut within the week.

So what should we expect from the new Mac / Linux EVE client? According to Transgaming Technologies CEO and president Vikas Gupta: "The same graphics quality... same performance... the same beautiful environments as they're being upgraded. The only thing we're doing is on the Mac specifically- over time we're going to be adding Mac-specific custom features. So essentially what we're going to be doing is to give Mac users the same user friendly enviroment they've become accustomed to... A great example of that is multiple windows. In fact, in Leopard you can actually be running 4 sessions of EVE simulataneously."

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